About us

UAB “Aviapaslauga ir ko.” is licensed supplier of aviation fuel JET-A1 to the Kaunas Air Port. Since 2003 Company is providing services for local and international airlines companies.

By constantly improving business processes and by using modern approach we raise productivity of our employees and efficiency of technological processes. The company pays a special attention to work safety and ecology.


To ensure reliable supply of aviation fuel and to create a competetive environment.


UAB “Aviapaslauga ir ko.” is a successful and prosperous supplier of aviation fuel, which exceeds expectations of its partners, suppliers, employees, controlling organizations, and shareholders.



Business can and must be based on the principle of honesty. Honest treatment of suppliers, customers and employees is necessary in the modern enterprise.


Competence of our employees allows to carefully evaluate each situation and to find the best solution.


We assume a full responsibility for our decisions and results.